A Silly New Study Says TV Is Going to Kill You

... According to a bunch of "doctors" who probably wanted to be TV stars but never made it because they're lame, watching television is killing you. According to an analysis of data from eight studies on the health effects of watching television, your chances of developing diabetes and heart disease increase greatly with every additional two hours of television you watch per day. For every additional three hours of watching TV, the chances of dying from "any cause during the respective studies jump 13 percent." Sounds to me like these researchers were just killing these participants for sport. [CNN]

... Watching TV may kill you, but recording TV is killing the planet. DVR boxes waste about $3 billion in electric bills annually, according to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council. In related news, the National Association of DVR Lovers says the Natural Resources Defense Council eats puppies. [LA Times]

... For a long time, everyone believed that actors who were asked to announce the Emmy nominations would themselves be nominated. But that trend ended last year when Community's Joel McHale woke up really early and announced a bunch of people who weren't him. This year, Mike & Molly's Melissa McCarthy and Fringe's Joshua Jackson have been given the honor chore of announcing the nominees, meaning the practice of nominating those who announce the nominees is officially over. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Here's some good news for Glee haters: Oxygen Network's The Glee Project, a reality show on which contestants compete to be a new cast member on Fox's Glee, debuted to just under half a million viewers. That is what you call "a bomb," according to today's trades. [EW]

... Smallville star Tom Welling has stated that he'd be up for a Smallville movie, should the opportunity ever arise. I guess this isn't really hard news, but I know how you love Smallville and just thought you should know. [On The Red Carpet]

... Cartoon Network's Ben 10 is being made into a movie! [MTV]

... Wonderfalls and Tim's Dream World star Caroline Dhavernas, recently seen in ABC's Off the Map, will play the female lead in USA's Over/Under. The drama follows a day trader (Steven Pasquale) who loses his job and starts a business as a high-end bookie. Dhavernas will play the guy's wife. If watching this show because I'm stalking Dhavernas and have a crippling gambling addiction is wrong, I don't want to be right. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lost star Matthew Fox will star in the film adaptation of Max Brooks' novel World War Z. The book is written as an oral history that details a global zombie apocalypse 10 years after the fact, and it's quite good. I should know, I read the Cliff's Notes. No word on who Fox will play, but he'll join a cast that includes Brad Pitt, Ed Harris, and The Killing's Mireille Enos. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The satire kings at The Onion already have shows on Comedy Central (SportsDome) and IFC (Onion News Network), but that's not good enough for them. The Onion has signed a first-look deal with CBS, meaning it will develop series ideas for the network and its online properties. Which means that within a year, it will be them writing these News Briefs and not me. [Deadline Hollywood]

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