Ab not so Fab for Fox

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Some British TV shows such as the The Office have done rather well after export across the pond. Others, such as the US remake of relationship comedy Coupling did not fare so well, lasting just four episodes before having the plug pulled by Network NBC.

Today, BBC worldwide has confirmed that a planned US remake of Absolutely Fabulous has been canned before it has even had a chance to get off the ground, having only made a pilot episode.

The show, which was due to picked up by Fox, would have starred Kathryn Hahn, most famous for her role in Revolutionary Road, and actress Kristen Johnson, who made a name for herself in extraterrestrial comedy Third Rock From The Sun.

The project was to be supervised by Arrested Development's creator Mitchell Hurwitz while star of the original UK series, Jennifer Saunders, was to take on an executive producer role.

Though Fox has decided not to proceed with a full series of Absolutely Fabulous, BBC Worldwide has told TV.com that Fox still has an option to take on the show, and will be working with them on ways to proceed with the project.

Do you think an American Ab Fab is a good idea?

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