ABC 24 is a ratings success

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After being on air for a little under two weeks, ABC has proclaimed the new public 24-hour news broadcast channel to have been a ratings success.

On Sunday, the channel’s first day of ratings measurement, the channel garnered 0.6 percent of the total audience, which beat its sister channels ABC2 (on 0.5 percent) and ABC3 (on 0.3 percent).

Sky News Australia failed to reach similar ratings highs, with viewers limited to 0.2 percent by its subscription-only service.

ABC managing director Mark Scott was elated with the results. The launch was approached with trepidation, with the broadcaster uncertain about how the audience would respond to the news service.

"A reach of over half a million in a single day has exceeded our expectations," Scott said.

"This result reinforces our belief that the Australian population has a strong interest in an independent, free-to-air news service available 24 hours a day."

On ABC1, news again dominated, as the standard news broadcast was its top program with nearly 900,000 viewers nationally.

Have you been enjoying the new ABC News 24 broadcasts?

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