ABC Announces Its Summer Schedule, and It Does Not Look Very Good

Cuffs go on the criminal! Why can't I remember that?

We knew ABC's summer schedule would be lacking in what we TV experts eloquently call the "good stuff" department—most networks' warm-weather lineups are—but it's pretty striking how bad it is when you see it all stacked up. ABC has peeled off the veil stained paper towel that's been covering its 2012 summer schedule, and all we can think is, "Put it back! Put it back!"

I don't mean to pile on ABC; all major networks treat summer like the only people who watch TV during the season are blind, deaf, and dumb. ABC just happens to be the one that pooped out its summer schedule today. But when Bachelor Pad is far and away the best the network has to offer, it's gonna get a lashin'.

Here's ABC's summer schedule, if you dare to look:

Thursday, May 24:
8-10pm Duets (series premiere)
10-11pm Rookie Blue

Sunday, June 3:
8-9pm Secret Millionaire
9-11pm Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Thursday, June 28:
9-10pm Wipeout

Tuesday, July 10:
9-10pm Trust Us With Your Life (series premiere, back-to-back episodes)
10-11pm Final Witness (series premiere)

Tuesday, July 17:
9-9:30pm Trust Us With Your Life (regular time period premiere)

Monday, July 23:
8-10pm Bachelor Pad

You are stranded on a desert island with only a television that is constantly playing one of these shows on a loop. Which show do you pick?

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