ABC Announces the Cast of Bachelor Pad

... If you're obsessed with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, you'll be happy to see some of your favorite contestants, like Tenley Molzhan, Wes Hayden, and Ashley Elmore, and Craig McKinnon, all together in one house on The Bachelor Pad, which premieres August 9. And you'll be even happier (or maybe just weirded out) to know that both Ryan Seacrest and Kate Gosselin could one day be, well, bach-in' it. [People &]

... Remember that whole Desperate Housewives controversy that popped up a few months ago, when Nicollette Sheridan claimed that series creator Marc Cherry had physically abused her? Unfortunately, it's still being sorted out. Sheridan is now claiming that ABC dismissed Cherry's alleged assault as a "light tap." [THR]

... Former Hell's Angel Chuck Zito is giving Kurt Sutter a bit of that notorious hell right now: He's suing FX, claiming that the network stole his idea for a biker show and turned it into Sons of Anarchy. Nice try, man. [SutterInk]

... Hollywood sure is doing a lot of hirin' and firin' these days. ER's April Lee Hernandez is heading to Dexter next season to play a new cop in the Miami Metro Police Department. The Office has promoted Zach Woods, a.k.a. the awkwardly adorable corporate liaison Gabe, to a series regular for Season 7. And Private Practice has promoted Brian Benben, who plays Dr. Sheldon Wallace, to a series regular for Season 4. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Criminal Minds's AJ Cook. Her contract was not renewed for next season, but her friends on Twitter are working hard to change that! [Ausiello, Ausiello, Ausiello, Ausiello, & Seattle PI]

... This piece of firin' news deserves its own blurb. ABC has decided to get rid of all but one of the actors from the Edgar Floats pilot. Robert Patrick is staying, but Tom Cavanagh, Alicia Witt, Derek Webster, Alex Solowitz, and Raoul Trujillo are going. What gives, ABC? [Ausiello]

... Parks and Recreation's Amy Poehler, along with Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, has launched Smart Girls at the Party, a new site that profiles girls who are excelling in school. [HuffPo]

... Kevin Spacey is in the process of pitching his own show to Showtime. He really, really wants to play the leader of a cult in a show called The Crux, and I'd really, really like to see him do that, because the world needs more Spacey. [NY Magazine]

... Okay, this sounds kind of cool. Syfy has ordered a new reality show called Hunting Hollywood, about collecting showbiz memorabilia. Cross your fingers for a field trip to the Smithsonian and a crossover episode with Antiques Roadshow. [Live Feed]

... The Style Network has renewed Jerseylicious for a second season. Ordinarily, this would not be very notable news. But Jersey Shore is supposedly firing Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, and Angelina because they were really boring in Season 2. I'm just sayin'... Jersey isn't Jerseylicious without those four. Maybe they could get a fresh start? [Live Feed & TMZ]

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