ABC Cancels Pan Am, The River, and Missing

The dude represents ABC.

The flight crashed, the Amazon dried up, and that backpacking kid might never be found by his mom. ABC has canceled a trio of dramas to end its busy day, saying goodbye to Pan Am, The River, and Missing.

We can't say that any of these cancellations come as a surprises. Pan Am was one of the season's period pieces inspired by the Mad Men craze. It didn't do that well, but it didn't do that bad, either. ABC opted not to order the back nine episodes after the show's initial 13 aired, but held off on officially canceling the show. Fans stayed positive, but it was a longshot to come back.

As for The River, well, I think we can safely say that a found-footage horror television series just doesn't work. I'll miss monkeys wearing random doll faces in the jungle, though.

Network executives, let Missing be a lesson to you. America is not really interested in 40-year-old female action heroes who spend all their time running after planes and falling to their knees to cry. But don't miss the thrilling conclusion when the series finale airs next Thursday on ABC!

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