ABC cuts scripts; NBC won't

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It's no secret that the writers strike is hitting the studios where it hurts: their bank accounts. Although top execs are nowhere near a strict instant-ramen diet, they are starting to feel the pinch and are being forced to trim excess spending.

Fox, the CW, and CBS all recently cut several scripts in development from their portfolios, figuring that the shows in development can't move forward until a resolution in the strike happens, and aren't guaranteed to survive even if they do get made. ABC today followed the pack, according to Variety, cutting back on an undisclosed number of scripts.

The Peacock, on the other hand, appears to be a bird of a different feather. NBC yesterday revealed that it wouldn't be cutting back on any of its script orders for pilots, which had some scratching their heads. The announcement came just one day after NBC Universal chief David Zucker said the network would hold back from ordering several pilots for the fall season like it normally does.

The move is an about-face on the normal tradition of ordering several pilots for the big fall television season. Instead, NBC will move forward with projects year-round as it deems necessary.

"With the kind of money we're spending on pilots, we'd like to see that money amortized better [over the course of a series], and also not feel rushed," NBC Entertainment vice president Teri Weinberg told Variety. "We want to really nurture that development."

If NBC's shakeup proves successful, it could change the normal face of television production. Year-round new TV? Sign me up!

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