ABC Family Cancels Make It Or Break It

ABC Family is taking the spring out of Make It Or Break It's step, by axing the show. The cancellation was confirmed by show creator Holly Sorenson, who tweeted out the bad news:

This is bad news for fans of the gymnastics drama, but a great opportunity for me to overuse a ton of gymnastics puns. After three seasons of bounding about ABC Family's schedule, Make It Or Break It will make its final dismount on May 14. The show flipped onto the scene in June of 2009, and initially earned top scores from viewers. Season 2 was a balancing act, but ABC Family opted to renew the series for a Season 3 short routine of eight episodes. But as the series progressed, it tumbled in the ratings, was accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs, and began holding up liquor stores.

And the judges give that last paragraph a 3.5, 4.2, and a 2.3. Damn you, Russian judge.

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