ABC Family is Geeked over Greek

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... Ever wish those college habits of waking up in a stranger's bed, doing keg stands 'til the break of dawn, and failing mid-terms could last forever? So does ABC Family. The network has renewed the actually-quite-entertaining Greek for a fourth season. Expect 10 more episodes next semester. [Variety]

... Blonde Babe News 1: Ugly Betty's Becki Newton, who is all kinds of awesome, fended off the advances of several suitors before finally deciding on a new acting gig. Following the announcement that Ugly Betty was being buried, Newton received 11 offers for pilots, which is absurd. She settled on the NBC (uh-oh) rom-com Love Bites, which is not about vampires. It's about relationships. But I could see how one could be confused, because they both suck. [THR]

... Blonde Babe News 2: Katee Sackhoff, who is also awesome, signed herself up for an untitled ABC drama. But wait, you say, what about her role on 24? Well, take a guess. In her new show, she'll play a detective that works with a disgraced cop to figure out the conspiracy that ruined him. [THR]

... Blonde Babe News 3: Nicolette Sheridan, that ho-ish housewife from Desperate Housewives, is joining the CBS comedy headlined by Paul Kaye about a Brit deadbeat dad who returns to the US to reconnect with his daughter. The show features Borat's Larry Charles as director and Ant Hines as producer. Expect high-larious cultural clashes! You call fries "chips"? Ha ha ha! [THR]

... Heroes' Adrian Pasdar apparently thinks he's on Lost. Not too long after his character was killed off on the NBC drama, Pasdar was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was officially charged with a DUI yesterday for the late-January incident. See, if he could only really fly, this would never have happened. Curse you Tim Kring and your mediocre imagination! [TMZ]

... Remember Our Little Genius, that Fox show where little tykes would answer quiz-show type questions? The one that was pulled off the air less than a week before it was set to air because of questions regarding its integrity? Well, the F.C.C. is investigating claims that the show was a steaming pile of bull-honky and that it gave answers to the kids. What a stain on the integrity of the reality genre. [NY Times]

... And finally, the story you all came for. Andrew Koenig, who played Boner in Growing Pains, has gone missing. He was last seen in Vancouver and last had communication with friends and family on February 9. His family, which includes dad Walter (Star Trek's Chekov), claims he is suffering from severe depression and fears for his safety. Kind of a bummer to end on, eh? [TMZ]

... Bonus story to end on a high note! Cats massaging each other! [Videogum]

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