ABC Family Kills The Nine Lives of Chloe King

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More like The Ten Episodes of Chloe King. ABC Family put the cat out for good when it canceled The Nine Lives of Chloe King yesterday due to low ratings. The series was based on the young adult novels written by Liz Braswell, about a teen girl who discovers she has feline powers and is a warrior in the battle between an ancient race and human beings. Phew, that's sounds like a lot for a young chick to handle.

The series started off well thanks to the popularity of the books, drawing more than two million viewers for its debut. But come finale time in mid-August, that number had dwindled to just above one million viewers. That might have been the cat's meow at the old ABC Family, but the Disney off-shoot is becoming more than just ABC's little sister, with top series like Switched at Birth reportedly drawing around three million viewers on average.

But though Chloe King has been put down, The Lying Game—which is also based on a young adult book series—has been granted a back-12 order to extend its first-season episode count to 22. The show tackles the hot TV trend of identical twins, but is still suffering in the ratings department, with its most recent episode drawing 1.3 million total viewers. So why did Chloe King get axed while The Lying Game got renewed? I'd guess budget or a network exec's unreasonable hatred of cats. Cats rule, dudes.

Which show was more deserving of its fate, the now-canceled Nine Lives of Chloe King or The Lying Game?

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