ABC merges news units

ABC today announced it is merging its news documentary unit with its production unit to form ABC News All Media. The new department will develop and produce programs for the network and for its cable clients, and will work with ABC News Digital to produce content for digital platforms.

"This new unit combines the award-winning work of very talented producers," said ABC News president David Westin. "Together they will continue to deliver the complex and creative works that have long distinguished ABC News and extend their reach to additional digital platforms."

The network also announced it will officially fold ABC Sports into ESPN. Last year, the corporate sister took over all production and programming of sports for ABC. Beginning September 2, all sports aired on ABC will bear an ESPN logo in addition to the ABC watermark.

On Wednesday, ABC reported a 28 percent drop in earnings for the second quarter of 2006. The network, home to Lost, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives, had several big-budget flops last season, including Invasion and Commander In Chief, and ended up canceling every one of its new shows. This season, it is preparing 15 new series, more than any other network.

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