ABC sends V remake to pilot

ABC fired a big blank in 2005 with its highly touted alien-invasion series Invasion, even with a cushy post-Lost slot, young talent such as Reaper's Tyler Labine, and veteran freakiness from William Fichtner. But that hasn't discouraged ABC from more close encounters.

The network has given the go-ahead for a V pilot, says Variety, in an attempt to revive the 1980s franchise that began as a miniseries. The original miniseries featured lizard-like aliens disguised as humans that were scheming to take over Earth…and it was awesome. The show was later turned into a full-fledged series.

The new version will be set in the same V universe and follow a female Homeland Security agent whose son becomes involved with the alien movement. It's unclear what time period the new take will be set in, but given the inclusion of a Homeland Security agent, it's a safe bet that it takes place in present day, some 25 years after the first invasion by the rodent-eating reptilians.

Done well, the V remake could be something to look forward to. Done poorly, we're looking at another Knight Rider. Please don't mess this up, ABC. Thanks!

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