ABC Wants *More* Dating in the Dark?

... ABC has canceled Dating in the Dark, just as expected. Wait, what? They ordered a second season of that crapfest? Are you kidding me? I won't believe it unless you provide me with a link, buddy. [The Live Feed]

... Deadliest Catch star Captain Phil Harris passed away late last night after suffering a heart attack. He had been hospitalized a few weeks ago in Alaska after suffering a stroke while wrangling crabs. Harris was 53 years old. [TMZ]

... Remember the old girl on Beverly Hills, 90210? The one who was like 12 years older than the rest of the cast but still played someone the same age? I think she got pregnant? Yeah, Gabrielle Carteris. Well first, you should know she's still alive. Second, she's making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds. []

... If you're hoping for good news re: ABC's Better Off Ted, don't read this. Andrea Anders, who plays Linda on Ted, has landed a new role opposite Matthew Perry in the ABC comedy pilot Mr. Sunshine. Of course, anyone you ask will say the job is "formally in second position" to Ted, but that's just a nice way of saying the show will be canceled. Yes, Dating in the Dark gets renewed, Better Off Ted gets canceled. To all you youngsters out there, let this be a lesson to you: The world is not fair. [THR]

... Jeff Probst will remain the host of Survivor for two more seasons, mainly because old people are scared of new things and would change the channel if someone else was there. Kidding. Probst is a pretty solid reality show host, and his Survivor blogs convince me he watches the show just like everyone else does. Except he keeps his pants on. [CBS]

... Remember Paul Reiser? He was on that show Mad About You? And, more importantly, in Aliens? Well, a million years later, he's trying television again—and apparently he's duped NBC into buying his latest project. It's like all the other networks are driving Lamborghinis and NBC is kicking its feet trying to make its soap box derby car go up a hill. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Fringe star Anna Torv got mostly naked for Esquire. This one's pretty self-explanatory. [Esquire - mostly NSFW]

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