ABC will reimagine This Is Your Life

If the word "reimagine" doesn't sit well with you then get ready to squirm uncomfortably in your seat: ABC has announced it is reimagining the classic proto-reality game show This Is Your Life.

The Alphabet network has ordered six episodes of a new version of the show, executive-produced by Gary Edwards, the son of original Life creator and host Ralph Edwards. The original This Is Your Life featured a surprise guest who had to figure out which people from his or her past were speaking to them from offstage.

The show was born on the radio in the 1940s, and segued easily into the television world of the 1950s, where it ran for 10 years. Other versions have periodically popped up in syndication.

Another repurposed classic probably appeals to the bean counters of a network, but will it appeal to viewers? The necessity of a new This Is Your Life remains to be seen, considering people can search for anyone from their past by using something that wasn't available in the '40s or '50s: the Internet.

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You know what will be new? A show that ISN'T a reworking of some past series.....geez, what's next? Charlie's Angels- The Next Generation...?
Oh boy!

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