ABC's summer: chock full o' reality

Hate reality television and looking for a good time to go on vacation? This summer would be a good time to cash in those frequent-flyer miles and get far, far away from the tube. NBC has already loaded its "All-American Summer" with reality programming, and it appears that ABC is of the same mind.

The network released details of its summer schedule yesterday, touting the launch of eight series--all of which require no scriptwriters.

Leading things off on May 19 will be a two-hour premiere of the fourth edition of The Bachelorette. This chapter of the show stars the once-shunned DeAnna Pappas from last season's The Bachelor on the other side of things--she'll be the one picking from 25 potential suitors.

On May 26, The Mole will surface for its fifth go on television. The new edition will keep the tried-and-true formula of the show: a group of contestants must figure out which among them is "the Mole," a saboteur trying to keep them from winning money. Extra's John Kelley will host this year's edition.

Fans of wacky athletic challenges will find June 24 satisfying, as ABC premieres two new shows, Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show. The former is clearly influenced by popular game shows from the Far East that see contestants navigate complex obstacle courses, while the latter glosses over influences and simply sends Americans over to Japan to compete in the native game shows.

On June 26, ABC News' documentary Hopkins attempts to show off a real-life Grey's Anatomy by going behind the scenes at Baltimore's John Hopkins Hospital. The six-part program will conveniently follow Grey's on Thursday nights.

Dance competition shows get a shot in the arm with Dance Machine, which premieres June 27. Machine strips down the boogie formula by making things super simple: one-on-one dance-offs between two noncelebs. You just got served, Dancing with the Stars.

Finally, the previously announced High School Musical-themed reality show finally has a name, details, and a debut date. High School Musical: Summer Session is basically an American Idol clone with younger talent in which the winners will be treated to a summer music program. The show will premiere July 20 and continue airing through the end of the summer.

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