Absolutely Fabulous finds leads

With all these pilots streaming into networks recently, it's become a feeding frenzy for actors looking for more work. Veteran shows are also taking the time to sign actors for guest spots. There have been plenty of announcements made recently, let's take a look.

Absolutely Fabulous--The U.S. version of the British cult comedy will rely heavily on its leads, and we'll have to wait to see if the chemistry is there. 3rd Rock from the Sun's Kristen Johnston has signed on to play Patsy and Revolutionary Road's Kathryn Hahn will play Eddie. How convincing will their hangovers be? (Variety)

Criminal Minds--Hunk o' love Moonlight star Alex O'Loughlin will guest star on the CBS procedural as a serial killer. The episode is set to air in April. I doubt it will be long before we hear about him taking the lead in one of the several pilots CBS greenlit recently--he's too valuable for anything else. How about as a doc in Three Rivers? And better yet, keep him a vampire! (EW.com)

Hung--This HBO show about a man with a large penis (played by Thomas Jane) has landed Anne Heche as the well-endowed man's ex-wife. Now would be a good time to make a sophomoric joke. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Parks and Recreation--NBC's new not-Office spin-off is looking pretty awesome and has added one of Hollywood's hottest actors in Paul Schneider (check him out in The Assassination of Jesse James) as Amy Poehler's flame. Everwood's Chris Pratt will play the boyfriend of Rashida Jones' character. Will anyone be funnier than Aziz Ansari though? (Zap2It.com)

Human Target--Fringe's Mark Valley will stay at Fox and lead this drama about a man who helps clients by assuming their identities when they get into trouble, which often means being in someone else's crosshairs. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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