8 Newly Unemployed Actors Who Need to Return to TV ASAP

The networks' recent butchering of several shows not only means that several of your favorite TV shows are gone for good, it also means that a bunch of actors you've come to like are at risk of being absent from your TV screen for the foreseeable future. Some of the more famous names will have no trouble finding a new job, but others will need to do some campaigning to get back on primetime. We've put together a quick list of actors who we'd love to welcome back into our living rooms, as well a few suggestions regarding where they should end up. Take note, producers!

Albert Tsai (Bert from Trophy Wife)

We pity the ABC executive who had to tell THAT FACE that his show was canceled. It must have been like strangling a Golden Retriever puppy. Since Tsai's fellow scene-stealer Ryan Lee, who played Warren, has the credits, talent, and experience to land a new job quickly, we're putting our campaign efforts into Tsai. There just aren't many roles out there for a pre-teen Asian actor; is it too early for Modern Family's Lily to have a boyfriend? 

Carly Chaikin (Dalia from Suburgatory)

Now that Suburgatory is moving from the suburbs to the graveyard, the incredibly talented Chaikin is up for grabs. However, because she dove deep into character acting as the robotic Dalia (and excelled at it), we fear new shows will be looking at that work instead of everything else she can do. Don't be dumb, shows! Hire her now! We say keep her in the ABC family and put her on one of the network's new comedies, possibly Selfie or Manhattan Love Story

Luke Mitchell (John from The Tomorrow People)

The ladies around TV.com HQ chirp about this rugged stud quite a bit, and with The Tomorrow People's demise, they'll be doing a lot less licking of their television screens. Mitchell's a star on the rise, and while he should be able to get a new job quickly, we hope he doesn't get lost in the parade of underwear models that populates new CW shows each season. He should stay with the network, though, preferably on one of its action-fueled series. Might we suggest a port over to upcoming Arrow spin-off The Flash

Jim Rash (Dean Pelton from Community)

While the rest of the Community cast will likely take some time off to star in indie films and do more vodka commercials before getting their pick of projects, Rash is in danger of getting the outsider treatment. Yeah, he has his Oscar-winning writing career to fall back on, and we wish him well with that, but could anyone else perform the PayDay Rap like he could? He needs to be in front of the camera, and he'd be a perfect addition to Silicon Valley Season 2 as a Hooli business wizard. 

Tim Jo (Reggie Jackson from The Neighbors)

The Neighbors had its ups and downs, but Jo's performance as Reggie Jackson was consistently funny and sympathetic. Reggie's romance with Amber seemed impossible to pull off at first, but the fantastic chemistry they built together—with Jo constantly chipping away at Amber's tough exterior—quietly became one of TV's best young romances. With his proven ability to play silly and soulful, he'd be a nice supporting player for Parenthood.  

Tracy Spiradakos (Charlie from Revolution)

We're not joking! First of all, she's cute as all heck and we're very shallow people. But Spiradakos, with the help of some better writing in Season 2, was able to transform Charlie into a multi-dimensional character during meatier scenes that involved actual acting and not just running around. Given her good looks and physical abilities, we say put her in uniform and see how she handles the heat of Chicago FireChicago P.D., or the eventual Chicago Meter Maids, once NBC inevitably orders it. 

James Wolk (Zach Cropper from The Crazy Ones)

He starred in Fox's Lone Star (for two episodes), then on USA's Political Animals (for six episodes), and then on The Crazy Ones (for 22 episodes), with quick stints on Mad Men and Happy Endings in between. Yet this guy with boy-next-door and movie-star-next-door good looks is still looking for a stable show to provide an outlet for his talents. Wolk used his innocent facade to great effectiveness as a con man on Lone Star, and that's the type of role we'd like to see him again. How about Wolk in 2015 as one of Frank Underwood's House of Cards rivals? Actually, we'll happily watch him in him in anything, as long as he isn't freestyling McDonald's jingles with Robin Williams. 

AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie from The Carrie Diaries)

As the young Carrie Bradshaw of The CW's Sex and the City prequel, Robb brought a new side to the character—one full of wide-eyed wonder, but with a familiar sense of resourcefulness—and she looked great doing it. At just 20 years old, Robb already has a long list of film credits, but we'd like to hog her for ourselves on the small screen. Let's move her away from the gravitational pull of The CW and relocate to a show where her career can take off—perhaps she could play a new hellraiser on ABC's Revenge?

What actors from recently canceled shows do you want to see back on television ASAP?

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