Actress sheds a tear over Lost

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Cynthia Watros, who played Libby on the hit show Lost until this week, is reported to have wept when producers told her of her character's fate. TV Guide says that when Watros was informed of the death of her character, over the phone, the actress "took it hard."

"She was sad," executive producer Carlton Cuse told the magazine. "When we make those calls, they're incredibly hard calls to make. I think, obviously, people like working on the show. It's not a bad job to be living in Hawaii and working on a successful television series. Truthfully, she did take it kind of hard, which motivated us to help her get another job."

The job Cuse helped her get was in the pilot for an upcoming CBS sitcom, My Ex Life, starring Tom Cavanagh. When news hit that Watros had been cast in the new show, "Losties" knew that Libby's time was probably up.

In the short time she was on the show, Watros, along with fellow Lost newbie Michelle Rodriguez, managed to get arrested for drunk driving on the Hawaiian island where the show is filmed. Now, coincidentally, both of the characters that the actresses played are dead.

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