Actresses Flirt with Wayne Brady in CW pilot

In some of the last major pilot castings of the season, Tamala Jones and Bree Turner have joined CW's comedy Flirt, which stars Wayne Brady as the sole man working at a women's magazine. Jones (Head of State) and Turner will play coworkers.

Jake Sandvig (Sky High) and Heather Burns have come on board NBC's comedy 20 Good Years, which centers on two New York men (John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor) in their 50s who decide to make the most of the next 20 years of their lives.

Andrew Walker (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) has been added to ABC's untitled comedy about two sisters (Marisa Coughlan, Kaley Cuoco) who live together, despite having grown up under different circumstances.

Nadia Dajani has joined ABC's comedy pilot Welcome to the Jungle Gym, about three young mothers (Teri Polo, Jennifer Aspen, Dajani), and Kyle Kaplan has been added to CBS's comedy pilot You've Reached the Elliotts, playing star Chris Elliott's son.

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Apr 13, 2006
Waynde Brady might have a goood shot on a comedy show on the WB I mean "CW"
Apr 12, 2006
What channel will CW be??