Adam and Callum battle for MasterChef Australia 2010

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It's an all-boys cook-off this Sunday night in the year's biggest finale.

In 2009 it was an all-girl event, but in 2010 the winner of MasterChef Australia will be male: either Callum Hann or Adam Liaw.

The two cemented their place in the TEN reality contest last night when Claire Winton-Burn was eliminated in a lavish catering event at Government House.

Hann, a 20-year-old student, will compete against friendly rival, 31-year-old lawyer Adam Liaw. Both hail from South Australia (although Liaw lives in Tokyo).

Their entree and dessert dishes bettered the main course that Winton-Burn cooked for the Governor General Quentin Bryce and her guests. The judges regrettably had to cull a tearful Winton-Burn from a place in the Final.

"I was the worst cook on the day and you just have to take it on the chin," she said.

"In that place at that time there was probably nothing else I could have done but there's some amount of satisfaction to look back and realise I couldn't have done anything differently. It was devastating to hear that I was out. I've given nine months of my life and given up everything to be here and I just sat there thinking, 'what am I going to do? I don't have a job to go back to, and where am I going to live', and all those practical things occurred to me first."

But Winton-Burn hopes to cater for Sunday lunches and pursue food writing.

"I'm also starting a website and 'Hearth' is the name of the restaurant I want to one day open," she says. "The website will be all about delicate, delicious food that people love. It’ll be everything food and will also talk about a Sunday lunch concept I have."

On Sunday night the two finalists will battle it out for the top prize, which includes a publishing deal, $100,000 and more.

But it is the attention given to the show that will unlock their real prize. The nation is hooked on the series, even the federal election Great Debate was moved to avoid a clash. Last year over 4 million viewers watched Julie Goodwin defeat Poh Ling Yeow. Both have been catapulted to culinary stardom with publishing deals, television, endorsements and appearances.

A similar fate will await both boys.

TEN has already filmed the bulk of the finale, but shoots the announcement of the winner on Sunday afternoon in an effort to minimise media leaks.

Adam Liaw said: "Getting this season's only 10 out of 10 from Matt Preston for my dish of Seven Lucky Gods has been undoubtedly the highlight of the series. It didn't really hit me just how good that was until after the judging and then I realised what a huge effort that was. Going into the finale is a mixture of excitement and nervousness and I just want to get in and cook. It's scary knowing that millions of people will be watching me and that every mistake is going to be analysed."

Callum Hann said: "Winning the afternoon tea challenge in London which then gave me the opportunity to meet Jamie Oliver was amazing. Jamie has been my inspiration and I grew up reading his cookbooks and watching his shows. He was my childhood hero and it was surreal to meet the person I have grown up admiring. I'm still pinching myself about getting into the finale and you could say there are a lot of butterflies in my stomach. It's all been building up for months and it comes down to this one moment."

Hann represents a wonderful "rags to riches" story as a kitchen-hand rising to Masterchef status, but Liaw's consistency in dishes and demeanour sees him as the favourite.

Who is your pick?

The MasterChef Australia finale airs 7:30pm Sunday on TEN.

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May 25, 2011
callum i like you
Dec 10, 2010
I would like to now who wins
Nov 19, 2010
Where can I find the recipes from this 2010 series online? In particular, I love to have Courtney's meatball and tomatoe sauce recipe that she cooked at the Australia Army mess tent challenge with the red team. Oustanding effort from all contestants!
Sep 17, 2010
oh, adam!! he's been a silent mystery! u hardly notice him during the whole season, except a few challenges, and in the end.. BANG!