Adam Hills is not Wil Anderson

This week 1.6m people tuned in for Spicks and Specks, which in its fifth season is as good as it gets. Bolstered by a return for The Chaser, the ABC won its timeslot.

Adam Hills knows that right now everything is working in his favour. "People want to laugh," he said. "They don't want to come home from a day at the office in the midst of a global financial crisis, turn on the news, hear about doom and gloom and then watch a crime show where people are getting bumped off. Television balances out the rest of the world and if the rest of the world is doom and gloom then people want a bit of comedy."

Since becoming part of the ABC's Wednesday night line-up Spicks and Specks has become a national treasure. Now as an unadulterated hit it makes life a little easier for Hills, who was constantly mistaken for Wil Anderson.

"It used to happen when he was on radio, and people would come up to me and go, 'I really like listening to you on TripleJ'. And I'd go, 'No that's Wil, I'm Adam '. And they'd go, 'Oh yeah yeah Adam and Wil on TripleJ'.

"So I had to live with it for ages," he insists. "Especially when he started doing The Glass House. When The Glass House finished and Spickers came on, he started getting it. A friend of his, or his girlfriend at the time, came up to him and said 'mate I never knew you had an artificial leg'. And Wil said 'Dude you've seen me in thongs!'"

Hills continues to enjoy his stand-up career too, and he will soon be seen in his first appearance on Thank God You're Here, where the Working Dog team really looks after its guests.

"It was such a lovely, well-oiled machine. You get there on the night (after filming the pre-recorded segments) and Glenn Robbins comes up to you and says, 'Listen what you did the other day was just a hit up in the nets. You've got the feel for it, you don't have to hit every ball. Some will go wide, some you don't want to hit so just choose the ones you want to play at. If you hit a couple of sixes that's fine, but don't worry too much about it.'"

Spicks and Specks airs 8:30pm Wednesdays on ABC1.

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May 30, 2009
They're easy to tell apart - Adam is a thousand times more likable and talented than the arrogant Wil.