Advert joke for Corrie's Lewis

Alongside the usual appeals for butlers and nannies, Tuesday's edition of the publication will feature a classified ad for the "discreet male escort".

In it he boasts of "years of experience" and claims he is "suitable to accompany ladies in any social or corporate event".

The notice is accompanied by two fictional phone numbers.

Fans of the Weatherfield soap will have seen hairdresser Audrey Roberts, played by Sue Nicholls, falling for charming Lewis (Nigel Havers) after hiring his services.

In Thursday's episode, Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox) spots the advert and sets about booking Lewis for a date behind her friend's back.

A spokeswoman for Coronation Street confirmed: "The Lady heard the magazine was going to feature in an episode, and they approached us with the idea of using the advert in the actual magazine."

The publication is currently undergoing a revamp in an effort to modernise under new editor Rachel Johnson.

Corrie had another unlikely crossover into the real world earlier this month when a number of its characters appeared in a special edition of ITV1 daytime programme The Jeremy Kyle Show.

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Feb 27, 2012
Met Havers in Bath where I live. I asked politely for an autograph for my disabled partner who was a big fan.He was rude & obnoxious.His heiress Wife was just the same.A most unpleasant man who didnt need to be rude.A 'Sorry,Im in a hurry' woulve sufficed.Instead I got, 'I havent the time for this sort of thing,Just go away & leave me in peace'. So it appears his Jungle persona IS exactly how he is in real life.If I ever seen him again Id consider punching him.

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