A&E Renews The Glades for Season 3


... A&E; has renewed The Glades, TV's highest-profile show that I know nothing about, for a third season. Is it about air fresheners or something? [Deadline Hollywood]

... As usual, Hollywood's TV executives are keeping their fingers on the pulse of pop culture, predicting trends before they happen. This next hot new item: zombies! Wait, what? Zombies are already a hit? Well that won't stop Fox from putting an adaptation of the 2009 movie Zombieland into development. The movie was a light-hearted take on a zombie apocalypse that was originally pitched as a television show. Next on Fox's list: a dramedy about a chemistry teacher who sells crank after learning he has a lethal case of Rickets. [Vulture]

... The very funny and very unlucky Judy Greer is testing the sitcom pilot waters once again, working with ABC on a single-camera story based on her own life. Greer moved away from Los Angeles for a man and raised stepchildren in the suburbs. Yup, another out of the city and into the 'burbs show. [Deadline Hollywood]

... The CW has bought a project from the writer of Easy A about a deadly game of Truth or Dare! Bert V. Royal's story follows half a dozen kids, excuse me, "young adults," who Truth and Dare each other to the extreme max! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Spike TV has renewed 1000 Ways to Die for a fourth season. With 54 episodes in the can and an average of 6.5 deaths per episode (give or take a beheading), that's 54 x 6.5 which equals... ummm, not quite 1000 deaths. Which means its time to down a bottle of Jaegermeister, head to your local fireworks factory or electric eel farm, and help this show achieve its goal! [Deadline Hollywood]

... NBC has bought two new comedy projects: Life As I Blow It follows a Midwestern woman and her weird friends and family, and Satellites actually sounds good. It's set at a satellite radio station where a dude and a chick run a relationship call-in show while surrounded by lots of other niche stations and their wacky hosts. Culture clash! [Deadline Hollywood]

... Rob Corddry's much talked-about pilot Little in Common is not going anywhere at Fox after more than a year of development and plenty of chatter that it would make it to air. It was about several families involved in a local Little League team and was set to star Heather Graham, Kevin Hart, and Corddry. [Deadline Hollywood]


... Amy Sedaris (Strangers With Candy) is stopping by The Good Wife. She'll play a rival of Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) who starts stealing some of his clients. Sedaris will appear in multiple episodes of the CBS drama. [TV Line]

... Chord Overstreet is returning to Glee. He'll be back in Episode 8 to reprise his role as Sam. [TV Line]

... Carla Gugino (meow!) will recur on FX's awesome Justified. She'll play an assistant director for the U.S. Marshals Service who arrives in Harlan County to help witnesses stay hidden after the murder of a Marshal. And of course she and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) have a past. Gugino played the lead character in Karen Cisco, which was also based on an Elmore Leonard character. [TV Line]

... Bo Derek will play with herself on Chuck. Sorry, I meant play herself. [THR]

... Friday Night Lights' Matt Lauria (he played Luke) will guest star on CSI. He's signed on for a trio of episodes and will play a cop-type who clashes with the CSI-ers. [EW]

... Sarah Silverman and Jeff Goldblum will guest-star on FX's comedy The League, as Andre's sister and Ruxin's father, respectively. Wow, Nick Kroll is like a mini-Goldblum, now that I think about it. That's some good casting! [EW]

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