Affleck and Garner get married

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It's Bennifer 2: The Second Mission.

The two lovebirds have been denying their plans for weeks, but according to Us Weekly, movie stud Ben Affleck and Alias star Jennifer Garner said "I Do!" yesterday in a private ceremony at the Parrot Cay resort in the Caribbean islands. The wedding ceremony was attended by Victor Garber, who plays Garner's dad on the ABC spy show.

The couple is already hard at work on their first production: a baby. News of Garner's pregnancy came recently, after Alias had wrapped for the season. This caused speculation that the writers of the show would have to figure out ways to either write the pregnancy in, or work around it, when the show returns after hiatus.

Garner and Affleck reportedly fell in love when they met on the set of Ben's 2003 action flick about the blind superhero Daredevil. Garner starred as Daredevil's sometime-ally Elektra, and eventually top-lined her own movie titled Elektra.

Project: Greenlight cocreator Affleck was involved in another celebrity romance several years ago, when he inexplicably began dating, and became engaged to, megastar Jennifer Lopez. The media frenzy surrounding "Bennifer," as the couple came to be called, may have contributed to the pre-nuptial implosion of their relationship. After the breakup, Affleck went back to wearing normal clothes and looking friendly again. One unexpected and unfortunate side effect of the Bennifer incident came when the media began combining all celebrity couples' names, turning Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie into "Brangelina," and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes into "TomKat."

Here's hoping Bennifer 2 is one sequel that outshines its predecessor.

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