Alex O'Loughlin is Hawaii Five-O's Steve McGarrett

... First, press play on the video at the bottom of this page then scroll right back up here. Okay, got the music going? Good. Grooving? Sweet. Former Moonlight heartthrob and Three Rivers not-so-much-a-heartthrob-because-he-was-a-doctor-not-a-vampire, is island-bound in CBS' Hawaii Five-O remake. He'll play Detective Steve McGarrett, the role originally played by Jack Lord. Now let that awesome theme play in your head for the rest of the day. [THR]

... Alec Baldwin was rushed to the hospital early this morning slash late last night (12:10am) after his daughter Ireland called 911 claiming he was "unresponsive." A cop said the two had been arguing and Alec had threatened to take pills. But it turns out that Alec is fine and it was a "misunderstanding." Considering Alec's well-publicized chewing-out of his daughter from a while back, I think there's a mystery here. And that mystery is: What is a 14-year old doing up after midnight!? [US Magazine]

... Ellen DeGeneres, the hardest-working gay comedian in the business, is keeping her daytime talk show on NBC for a few more years. The deal means she's ignored the advances of ABC and Oprah's upcoming OWN network, both of which tried to woo Ellen and her award-winning program away from the Peacock. Is it only a matter of time before her show is taken away and given to Leno? Man, that was a cheap shot. [LA Times]

... Numb3rs star David Krumholtz has landed the lead in an upcoming comedy pilot from Hollywood bigwig Ron Howard. But wait, you say. Does that mean Numb3rs is canceled? You said it, not me. [EW]

... That lovable mess known as ABC's FlashForward has found its new showrunners, just days after co-creator David Groyer left the project. Jessika Borsiczky, Lisa Zwerling, and Tim Lea move into the boss role(s). The show will also lose one episode. So let's recap what happened: FlashForward was supposed to be the next Lost, then a bunch of showrunners left, the episode count was upped to 25, then reduced to 24, 23, and now 22. Flash-forward to next season: FlashForward isn't around. [Variety]

... Need some proof that all you need to make it in this world is to have sex with the right person? Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel has landed a correspondent gig on that last-bastion-of-journalism Extra, and Levi Johnston, who knocked up Sarah Palin's daughter, is joining Desperate Housewives in a recurring role. So keep slutting it up and chase that American dream. [NY Post, Chicago Sun-Times]

... Shaq Vs. has been renewed for a second season. Great. [Variety]

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