Ali G. ruins Pam Anderson's dog wedding

Pamela Anderson's two canine companions were about to pledge their undying devotion on a sunny Malibu beach last Wednesday, August 17, when a strange sea-craft was sighted just offshore. Chihuahua Luca, golden retriever Star, and gathered friends and loved ones eyed the vessel with suspicion until Sacha Baron Cohen emerged from the surf astride an inflatable turtle, calling to mind the frothy romance of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus."

Cohen, in character as Kazakhstani TV reporter Borat, wore shorts with a leather jacket and cap and brandished a white keytar. Once ashore, the oft-reviled comedian sprinted toward Anderson and felled her with a perfectly executed rugby tackle, causing her to drop the beloved Luca. The Stacked actress struggled to her feet and brushed sand off of her long white gown as her loyal bodyguards seized the interloper, dragged him back to the shore, and dunked him in the hungry waves. The wedding party quickly composed itself, and the ceremony continued without further incident.

This disturbance was just the latest in a string of ill-received pranks orchestrated by Da Ali G. Show's Cohen, whose fame has made it increasingly difficult for him to avoid being recognized while "working." Early this year, Cohen (as Borat) was booted from a rodeo in Salem, Virginia, after he butchered the national anthem, made disturbingly violent antiterrorist statements, and suggested that President George W. Bush drink the blood of "every man, woman, and child" killed in Iraq. Last month, "Borat" dined at a Mississippi plantation house on the pretense of learning about Southern culture, but implied that his host's family was racist and supportive of slavery.

Cohen recently lent his voice to the DreamWorks movie Madagascar, in which he played an animated lemur. He is now working on his own Borat: The Movie and a NASCAR comedy in which he'll star opposite Will Ferrell.

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