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Alias begins final descent

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ABC spy show Alias returns tonight, Wednesday, April 19, with a two-hour episode that will pave the way for the series finale on May 22. In keeping with the popular trend of celebrity births, lead character Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner, will give birth to her child.

The show will wrap up loose ends that have lingered for most of the series, including the mystery of the doomsday project Prophet 5. Regular viewers can expect many characters from previous seasons to pop in for cameos (and presumably be killed one last time).

It is still unknown whether the true fate of Sydney's fellow agent Michael Vaughn, who is the father of her child, will be revealed--Vaughn was ostensibly killed earlier this season.

Many Alias fans believe Vaughn is still alive. In an episode review on's Alias page, user "saintsaucey" posted, "Suck it B***hes, I told you Vaughn wasn't dead, now we're going to find out that [I] was right."

Alias was created by J.J. Abrams, the mind behind the hit castaway drama Lost. Abrams is currently wrapping up production on nutty actor Tom Cruise's action film Mission: Impossible III.

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