Alternative TV Show Titles

What would happen if you added, subtracted, or swapped just one letter from the names of your favorite TV shows? Well, for starters, you'd get a completely new set of shows to choose from. You'd also get one hell of an amusing party game. Staff writers Ilana Diamond and Stefanie Lee had a little too much fun one afternoon coming up with taglines and playing around in Photoshop. Enjoy—and don't worry, we have a few more in the vault.

Dancing with the SARS

Under the weather... but still able to cut a rug!

Urn Notice

They just want to let you know that your urn has arrived.

The Dependers

Defending the public... without taking bathroom breaks.

Meal Time with Bill Maher

Nothing cools a heated debate like a nice sit-down dinner.

Stop, Chef!

What happens when you send your unwanted plate back to the kitchen?

Project Nunway

Who will be the next hot habit designer?

So You Think You Can, Lance?

Your favorite Lances, lancing.

Criminal Rinds

These detectives know every criminal's juicy secrets.


Larry David stars as Walter Mishap, Peter's unintelligent, offensive, useless father.

Undercover Ross

David Schwimmer was so not the least successful of the Friends.

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