Amber Tamblyn Moves into House

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... Actress Amber Tamblyn, who can't seem to find a series to stay on, is guest-starring on Hugh Laurie's House next season. She'll play a a med student who's sharp as a tack but not quite ready to deal with patients directly. And of course, she'll class with Dr. House. That was a given. [EW]

... NBC has announced its fall return dates, and it looks like September 20-24 will be a frickin' busy week for me. Like the rest of the networks, NBC is premiering its new shows that week, beginning with Chuck and The Event on the 20th. It's good to see the networks all play nice this year and not try any weird scheduling. [Deadline Hollywood]

... On the cable side of things, FX has also announced premiere dates. Sons of Anarchy returns September 7, Terriers makes its debut on September 8, and The League and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia roll in on September 16. [The Live Feed]

... George Eads has signed on for more CSI after receiving a contract offer that he liked. Eads plays Nick Stokes, whoever that is. [TV Guide]

... Justice is served. Steven Seagal's million-dollar sexual harassment lawsuit has been dismissed in court because you don't mess with Steven Seagal, even if he messed with you. I'm not saying he didn't do it, I'm just saying what judge in his right mind would tell Steven Seagal he can't do whatever he wants? [Associated Press]

... Captain Phil's final episode on Deadliest Catch was a whopper. More than 8.5 million people tuned in to see how the show treated his death, making it the third-most-watched broadcast in the network's history. MTV, are you listening? If you kill cast members on Jersey Shore, people will tune in! Just a thought. [LA Times]

... President Barack Obama and former presidential candidate John McCain have their differences, but they do agree that Mad Men is awesome. In other news, I still disagree with both Obama and McCain. [Yahoo!]

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