AMC Is Getting More Real With an Arm-wrestling Reality Show and Another Season of Small Town Security

One of television's most-prestigious networks has decided to continue taking the easy money and pooping all over the arts. Okay, that may be a little harsh, because it's just trying to make money and there's nothing wrong with that. But AMC, home of Best Dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad and monster hit The Walking Dead, has greenlit a reality show about arm wrestling. Arm wrestling! 

The 10-episode series is called King of Arms and follows individual members of different arm-wrestling clubs (there are arm-wrestling clubs!) as they travel the country in competitive put-a-guy's-hand-on-the-table. It will debut early next year and follow the second half of The Walking Dead' Season 4, giving it immediate leverage (that's arm-wrestling lingo).  

AMC has also renewed Small Town Security for a third season. The reality series follows a family-run private security and private investigation company in Ringgold, Georgia. 

We've seen AMC's plan of becoming a major player in the cable field played out to perfection. The network spent its early years building a reputation with critically acclaimed programs to get its name out there, and now it's moving into money-making reality shows and spin-offs. Since 2012, AMC has brought eight new unscripted series to life (King of Arms will be its ninth). In that same period, Low Winter Sun represents the network's only new scripted series, but AMC does have Halt & Catch Fire and Turn in development. 


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What the Heck Is Going On at AMC?

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