AMC Greenlights Zombie Series

Despite AMC's slip up with its remake of The Prisoner, we're pretty confident that it will continue to pump out quality programming to join its two hits Breaking Bad and Mad Men. And the next show to join the network's slate will be an adaptation of Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series The Walking Dead, a comic about... ZOMBIES. Today AMC ordered six episodes of the show for its first season, making me one very happy nerd.

As far as trends go, zombies are a thing I can get behind. And having read the first book of the series, I can say that The Walking Dead is more than just about a few survivors running through a mall while lumbering undead try and snack on their frontal lobes.

Though shuffling meatbags with an appetite for braaaaains will be the initial draw of The Walking Dead, the real deal with the comic is how human nature evolves (or devolves) through crisis and the need for survival trumps morality. Because of this, the series is primed for some incredibly tense moments even when zombies aren't on screen.

The lead role has yet to be cast, but a new frontrunner has come into light, according to horror site Bloody Disgusting. Jonny Lee Miller, formerly of Eli Stone and Trainspotting is in talks to play Rick Grimes, the cop who wakes from a coma to find America overrun by the living dead. Other candidates rumored for the role include Mark Pellegrino (Jacob from Lost, Lucifer from Supernatural) and Jamie Bamber (Apollo from Battlestar Galactica). If either Miller or Pellegrino gets cast, I'll be a happy camper.

Overseeing and helming the project will be Frank Darabont, the director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile.

Can you tell I'm excited for this?

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