AMC Renews Comic Book Men and Freakshow, Sets a Premiere Date for Low Winter Sun, Plus Other Non-Breaking Bad News

Of course the most massive news out of AMC today was the premiere date for the final stretch of Breaking Bad and the addition of Talking Bad, a post-Breaking Bad talk show in the spirit of Talking Dead. But did you know that AMC has other shows beyond just Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead? I just found out!

At its upfront presentation in New York today, AMC dumped a month's worth of news on the world, including renewals, premiere dates, and series in development. Let's get right to 'em!


Congratulations to Comic Book Men, Talking Dead, and Freakshow... you're all coming back for new seasons! That's a third season for Talking Dead and Comic Book Men, and a second season for Freakshow, the reality program that follows a Venice Beach sideshow. There's no word on Immortalized, the reality show about taxidermy that launched alongside Freakshow


With Mad Men and Breaking Bad approaching their end dates, AMC opened up the cupboard and realized, "Uh-oh. We need some new shows." The network has put seven scripted series in development so that it isn't stuck airing Die Hard 2 over and over. Here they are, with their official loglines:

Ballistic City – A futuristic drama, Ballistic City is the story of a former cop thrust into the criminal underworld of a city housed in a generational spaceship destined for an unknown world. 

King – In the early 1960s, Floridian King Carmichael sells his soul to a corrupt, racist political machine to win a seat in the Senate. Having run as a segregationist, he is then tapped by Lyndon B. Johnson to champion civil rights in the South. 

Ashland  – Set in 1950 in Ashland, a tiny mining town in Kentucky, the Evans family has just relocated from California and the matriarch, Del, must hide her family's secrets and find a way to support her three children at the height of the Red Scare. 

White City – The drama series follows western diplomats and journalists living in Afghanistan. 

Untitled Dahvi Waller Project – Set against the New York automobile industry of the 1920s, two brothers struggle to keep their family-run company afloat with a class-hopping Ziegfeld girl and the daughter of an English competitor blurring the line between love and business. 

Untitled Tim Lea/Anonymous Content Project – In America's near future, one family is nearly torn apart in the conflict between a repressive government and the emerging movement for a second American Revolution. 

The Wall – In 1960s Berlin, an American businessman becomes embroiled in a web of East-West espionage. 

AMC is also beefing up its reality slate, putting three unscripted series into development. We may as well look at those while we're here:

Majority Rules – A docu-style, unscripted series that celebrates the American democratic process. At the most grassroots level, whether it's an election for president of the birdwatchers club or a small-town city council, it will take a lighthearted look at democracy at work as the candidates vie for votes, because in America, Majority Rules

All-Star Celebrity Bowling – (Previously announced, from Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick's production company.) Take a guess! 

Cancelled – A social experiment that will attempt to determine just how far people will really go for fame. Over the course of eight weeks, six households will be outfitted with cameras that will give them the chance to compete for ratings that will determine which household has the most-watched reality show. 


Hey, AMC has a summer, too. Here's the rundown of premiere dates for the network's warm season. 

May 9The Season 2 premiere of Small Town Security

May 23 – The series premiere of Showville, a reality competition following small-town talent shows.

June 2The Season 3 premiere of The Killing

August 3The Season 3 premiere of Hell on Wheels

August 11The final season premiere of Breaking Bad, the series premiere of Talking Bad, and the series premiere of Low Winter Sun (pictured above), a drama about a cop who gets embroiled in the Detroit criminal underworld. Lennie James and Mark Strong star (see a trailer here!).

August 15 – The series premiere of Owner's Manual, a reality show in which two men attempt to operate complicated machinery and technology with one man using the instruction manual and the other winging it. Also, the Season 2 premiere of advertising reality show The Pitch.

That was a lot of news, guys! Which bit are you most excited about?

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