AMC Renews The Killing for an Open-and-Shut Third Season

AMC just can't quit The Killing. Despite canceling the crime drama after a not-great second season that itself followed a Season 1 finale that nearly started World War III, the show has somehow found its way back onto AMC's schedule. Season 3 will consist of 12 episodes, and production on the show starts in late February, putting it on track for a summer or fall release.

The new round brings back all the key components: Stars Mireille Enos (Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Stephen Holder) will return, and the heavily criticized Veena Sud reclaims her role as executive producer and showrunner. But Sud has learned from her critics, and Season 3 will feature an all-new case that AMC promises will be wrapped up (or "resolved," in the network's words) by the time the finale ends, according to its press release. The setup will find Stephen working on a murder that ties into an old case Sarah worked, bringing her back into the fold.

As for the Netflix involvement that started the series' resurrection in the first place, negotiations are still ongoing. But any chance of Netflix getting first-run rights is gone.

I'm so over The Killing. How about you?

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