American acquisitions: What to watch this autumn

Say goodbye to Big Brother and the summer's limited schedule and wave hello to autumn and its array of new American programming. We've already welcomed the return of The Tudors, Futurama and Without a Trace, and now, with the arrival of so many new US shows, we suggest you firmly return to your sofa and ready yourself for the winter. Want to know what to watch? Check out our suggestions below.

Show: How I Met Your Mother
Premiere: Friday, September 4, at 7:40pm on E4
Lowdown: The long-awaited comedy series, starring Neil Patrick Harris, has proved so popular in America that it's currently in its fifth season. We're not quite sure why it's taken E4 so long to pick it up, but we're not going to complain now it has. The first series debuts this September and will be broadcast every weeknight from then on. Hurrah!

Show: Medium
Premiere: Friday, September 4, at 9pm on Living
Lowdown: Patricia Arquette returns as psychic mum Allison DuBois as Medium firmly settles in to its new home on Living. The premiere of the fifth series sees her character confused after her powers suggest a dead man is responsible for a recent murder. The new season follows a different direction now that Allison's lost her job so if you've previously lost interest in the show now would be a good time to pick it up again.

Show: Harper's Island
Premiere: Sunday, September 6, at 9pm on BBC Three
Lowdown: This murder mystery series, which sees one character killed each episode, will have you teetering on the edge of your seat. It's been awarded an average score of 7.5, so it's a shame it's only making it onto BBC Three rather than BBC One or Two where it would get a lot more attention.

Show: Warehouse 13
Premiere: Tuesday, September 8, at 9pm on SciFi
Lowdown: Definitely one to watch, this show has slipped under the radar in the UK, but in the US it has broken ratings records for the recently rebranded SyFy channel (beating the likes of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis). Watch the preview trailer to see what's in store.

Show: RuPaul's Drag Race
Premiere: Wednesday, September 9, at 11pm on E4
Lowdown: Not the most popular show on, but it does have some comic potential. Offering a twist on regular reality shows, the series aims to find America's next drag superstar. Read more.

Show: America's Next Top Model
Premiere: Monday, September 14, at 9pm on Living
Lowdown: Within hours of meeting each other the latest wannabe models will be cat-fighting and crying as they compete to be Tyra Banks' next catwalk protoge. Transforming into goddesses for their first photo shoot the hopefuls are quickly whittled down until only twelve remain to continue in the contest. This series is meant to be even cattier than previous ones! See who's in the running this cycle.

Show: True Blood
Premiere: Early October, Channel 4 [UPDATED]
Lowdown: Terrestrial viewers can finally sink their teeth into the first series of the popular vampire drama True Blood. The series, which is currently airing on FX, is created by Six Feet Under's Alan Ball and has already proved a ratings and hit, both internationally and in the UK. See what you make of it with a glimpse at some episode clips.

Show: Generation Kill
Premiere: Early October Channel 4 [UPDATED]
Lowdown: Another HBO show that's already aired on FX is being broadcast to the masses this autumn. Not for the faint-hearted or easily offended, this mini-series follows a group of Marines on their first trip into Iraq.

Show: Dollhouse
Premiere: October, SciFi
Lowdown: Things are starting to look up for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. The first series was nearly redeemed by its final instalment (which still hasn't been broadcast stateside) and The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Summar Glau has just been signed for the second. It airs a month after its US debut this October and you can read more about it here.

Show: Eastbound & Down
Premiere: Thursday, October 1, at 10pm on FX
Lowdown: Starring well-known comedy actors Will Ferrell and Danny McBride this in-your-face series is not for the bashful. In fact, it's a bit like Marmite; you'll either love it or hate it.

Show: House
Premiere: Sunday, October 4, on Sky1 [UPDATED]
Lowdown: The medical drama's sixth series has been lined-up for debut almost immediately after its fifth has finished. We don't want to give too much away, but you should expect a lot of changes. Check out next season's trailer if you're not scared of spoilers.

Show: Fringe
Premiere: Sunday, October 4, at 10pm on Sky1 [UPDATED]
Lowdown: Another American show to debut in the UK soon after its US premiere is Fringe. Its second series rejoins the FBI agents as they continue to prevent attacks from unexplained phenomenon. Phew! See what the cast had to say at Comic-Con.

Show: Stargate Universe
Premiere: Tuesday, October 6, on Sky1
Lowdown: This latest member of the Stargate family has a lot to live up to as it follows in the footsteps of the highly rated Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Fans won't have to wait long to find out how it fairs though; it makes its British debut just four days after its American one. Watch the teaser trailer here.

Show: Bones
Premiere: Thursday, October 8, at 9pm on Sky1
Lowdown: American pop singer Cyndi Lauper guest-stars in the opening episode of series five, which debuts on Sky1 less than a month after its American premiere. We're a bit worried where the show's going following its quest for crossovers but we have our fingers firmly crossed. Check out the trailer to prepare yourself.

Show: Lie to Me
Premiere: Thursday, October 8, at 10pm on Sky1 [UPDATED]
Lowdown: Tim Roth returns as human lie-detector, Dr. Cal Lightman, in a series co-created by The Shield's Shawn Ryan. The second season, which is yet to air in the US, debuts with a case about a woman with multi-personality disorder. Watch a preview, here.

Show: Life on Mars (US)
Premiere: Friday, October 9, at 10pm on FX
Lowdown: It may have been cancelled in America because of poor ratings, but in the UK it's only just beginning. The series, which takes the concept of the John Simm time-travel cop show and transplants it to 1971 New York with some success, will take True Blood's primetime Friday slot from early October on FX. It's not been as popular as the UK version but it's not rated too badly. Worth an initial watch out of curiosity at least. Find out more.

Show: Burn Notice
Premiere: Friday, October 16, at 9pm on FX
Lowdown: The crime drama's second series brings some Miami sunshine into our living rooms this autumn. In it, recently re-hired spy Michael starts his new sleuthing job with a case surrounding the kidnapping of a mother and her child.

Show: Modern Family
Premiere: October, Sky1
Lowdown: Yet to debut in the US this new comedy show is already proving popular with critics. It stars The Class's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cheers' Shelley Long and debuts in the UK just weeks after its US premiere. Get ahead of the action with our preview clips.

Show: Family Guy
Premiere: Thursday, November 12, at 9pm on FX
Lowdown: Brian meets the girl of his dreams when the seventh series begins this autumn. The opening episode kick starts another season of controversial storylines that sees Stewie take steroids and kidnap the cast of Star Trek while Peter attempts to legalise cannabis.

Show: Nip/Tuck
Premiere: Wednesday, November 18, at 10pm on FX
Lowdown: After taking a bit of a break the surgeons are back to finish the fifth season. Having found fame as experts on a TV show the men are now hoping to settle down, or at least try to, as the series concludes. From what we can tell though, it delivers a poor ending to a fairly highly-rated season.

Show: Hung
Premiere: TBC, More4
Lowdown: Book yourself a date with a reluctant male gigolo, and by that we mean Ray Decker's character Thomas Jane in HBO's latest comedy series, Hung. The former high school sports legend sets out on his new career this autumn and you can get a sneak video preview, here.

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Sep 04, 2009
Not sure that i agree on Nip/Tuck - I quite liked the end of the fifth series, although the "twist" was a little obvious.
Sep 04, 2009
Never was into this show but I watched it a few times and it was good. It is just like the X-Files.
Sep 03, 2009
How I Met your Mother was shown in UK on Trouble and BBC2 but only season one and two and in the case of BBC2 only shown late at night. It then disappeared so I'm excited that E4 has got all 4 seasons so far.
Sep 03, 2009
fringe and bones will be great
Sep 02, 2009
Good article, though for me, summer TV has been pretty good with Ugly Betty, Chuck and Entourage all showing new episodes in the UK over the past few months. From the list above there's only Dollhouse I'm interested in watching.

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