American Horror Story's Season 3 Is Getting Witchy

Over the weekend at the American Horror Story panel at Paleyfest in Los Angeles, series creator Ryan Murphy let loose on top-secret details of the drama's upcoming third season. After moving into a haunted house and sexing up gimp suits in Season 1 and time-traveling back to the '60s and partying with some aliens, Nazi doctors, and the Angel of Death in Season 2 (American Horror Story: Asylum), Murphy revealed that Season 3 will be...

American Horror Story: Coven. As in witches. Murphy did not reveal the time period Season 3 will be set in.

Despite what sounds like more focused subject matter, Murphy says Season 3 will be "about a lot of things," according to E! Online. Filming will also benefit from some on-location inspiration, as the show will shoot in New Orleans at some scary places. Cast members already announced to return for Season 3 are Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson, and Taissa Farmiga, and Kathy Bates has been confirmed as a new addition. 

I still love the "new season, new place" thing AHS is doing and I think the witches theme will be outstanding. You can bet this won't be no Charmed (not that there's anything wrong with Charmed). Murphy has all sorts of plans for Bates and Lange to go warted-nose-to-warted-nose, and the thought of Lily Rabe as a witch has me giddy with excitement. Though of course the big question is, How many mind-altering substances will we need to ingest for the season to make sense?  

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