American Idol cuts down its final… 13!?!?

When is 12 really 13? When Simon Cowell, the mayor of reality television, says so. American Idol pulled a fast one on the fans last night, changing its formula ever-so-slightly by plumping up its final cast of characters by one--much like they did with the number of judges this year--in the Wild Card round.

The producers ramped up the tension and excitement with a dramatic finish when Matt Giraud (Kalamazoo, Michigan) and Anoop Desai (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) were brought up--seemingly to send one on and one home--and called Matt's name as a finalist. Anoop's legions of fans were distraught--momentarily. Their emotions flip-flopped when the powers-that-be announced that that 13 were actually advancing and gave the last ticket to Anoop.

Prior to all that drama, Starkville, Missisippi's Jasmine Murray and Sandy, Utah's Megan Joy Corkrey also advanced. Sadly or thankfully (depending on your tolerance), Tatiana Del Toro's dream ended last night, but not without the childish hysterics and buckets of tears we've become accustomed to.

After the show, Fox announced that next Wednesday's results show will feature two special guests. Rapper turned self-described messiah Kanye West will perform his hit single "Heartless," and season one Idol champ Kelly Clarkson is scheduled to belt out her latest track, "My Life Would Suck Without You."

American Idol returns next Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. for the first round of cut downs.

The final 13 American Idol finalists are:

Kris Allen / 23 / Conway, Arkansas
Megan Joy Corkrey / 23 / Sandy, Utah
Anoop Desai / 22 / Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Matt Giraud / 23 / Kalamazoo, Michigan
Danny Gokey / 28 / Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Alexis Grace / 21 / Memphis, Tennessee
Allison Iraheta / 16 / Los Angeles, California
Adam Lambert / 27 / Los Angeles, California
Scott MacIntyre / 23 / Scottsdale, Arizona
Jasmine Murray / 17 / Starksville, Mississippi
Jorge Nuñez / 21 / Carolina, Puerto Rico
Lil Rounds / 24 / Memphis, Tennessee
Michael Sarver / 27 / Jasper, Texas

Place your bets, people!

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Adam NEEDS TO GO. He will NOT sell outside of Idol. Real rockers NATION WIDE will NOT be impressed with him. You will ALL see. Those hyping for Adam on Idol, are a very TINY number of the world wide population. He will NOT last. Allison or Matt would do better. Allison is the real, true rock talent. Allison's vocals are powerful and talented. Matt's soulful/RnB vocals are touchingly inspiring. Adam SCREAMS. Its NOT powerful. His screams are flat and annoying. You will ALL SEE:Adam will not sell outside Idol. He might do like...those who have not made it. They have a cd or two, but we don't know their music.
I was so happy that Anoop got through. I was suprised that Jasmine and Megan made it through. I definitly thought that Anoop and Matt did a much better job. I was going to be ticked if they sent those two through and not Anoop!
Megan was great! They added Jasmine because they wanted an extra woman in the mix I believe. Which is cool. Fox gets an extra week of great ratings and we get more American Idol to watch.
I agree with you... They should have done 12. They seriously could have done without Megan.
When they didn't let Anoop go through at first, I was seriously ticked. But then I was happy they let him through. =) However, they should've stuck to 12 people.

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