American Idol is Joy-less

One of these kids is not like the others, and that kid was eliminated from American Idol last night. Utah's Megan Joy--beloved and loathed for her unique personality and goofy dance moves--was voted off Fox's reality show, and she wasn't at all surprised.

"I woke up feeling 'I'm going home today,' I felt like I was going no matter what I did," Megan told reporters this morning, recalling yesterday.

But that wasn't what was behind her snappy remarks towards Simon that culminated in the Evil One refusing her a chance to sing again for the Judges' Save.

"[I had] no regrets ever, I wouldn’t take anything back," Megan said of her telling Simon she didn't care what he thought of her performance. "I was happy to go the way I did. You know. I just was honest, and I cared about the competition. [I want people to know] I cared about the competition; I just didn’t care that Simon didn't like my song."

Megan's brother famously heckled judge Kara DioGuardi, calling her a "broken record" while she critiqued Megan on this week's performance episode. But that's just how he is, says Megan.

"I'm always proud of my brother, he's my boy," she said. "He's like me, he can't help but be himself, I wasn't at all surprised he did it. I'm glad Kara took it lightheartedly."

Megan also spoke of the camaraderie between her fellow contestants, all of whom made a pact to "Caw" like a crow (Megan loves making bird noises and flapping her "wings") if she got eliminated, and they obliged.

Megan was this year's target for American Idol pranksters (a Web site that encourages viewers to vote for the most entertaining or worst singer) and the subject of much criticism, but she didn't even notice.

"I was pretty good at staying away from [the negativity]," Megan says. "I didn’t even log onto the internet at all. I don’t even have a Myspace or Facebook, so I just stayed clear."

As one of this season's peculiar darlings, something tells me that's all about to change.

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Apr 30, 2009
I'm still a fan of Megan's sound -- I think she was given the boot for 3 reasons: she didn't pick the right songs to showcase her particular style; her movements on stage were weird; and I think the tats on one arm only were off-putting. People like symmetry; it's built into our DNA. So, Megan, get your left arm tatted up like the right one, get some coaching about how to present yourself on stage and come back next year. :)
Apr 03, 2009
Junk and you could at least give the people with this weeks Idol tivoed a chance to watch before you spoil it!!!..........Bull!
Apr 02, 2009
BRING HER BACK!She was amazing and Simon was being over sensitive the judges are all annoying its about the contestants yet all I see on that show is Kara and Simon talking rubish!

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