American Idol: Watch the Best and Worst Performances from Carole King Night (VIDEO)

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Last night was Carole King night on American Idol, so it was probably a good thing Stefano wasn’t there. Stefano had never heard Lionel Richie’s “Hello” before he performed it, so it’s a pretty safe assumption that he would have had no idea who Carole King was, or what her contribution to music was, or what the lyrics to "I'm into Something Good" meant even as he went about the task of delivering the most overwrought interpretation of that song in “I’m Into Something Good” history. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Goodnight, sweet Stefano. There’s a Carnival cruise ship with your name on it somewhere. (Not literally. “Langone of the Seas” would be weird.)

The judges dared to be critical last night, but only in tiny increments—a “didn’t like the ending” here, a “you’re voice dropped off” there—but for the most part, everyone was “in it to win it” last night. This is according to Randy Jackson, whom, I fear, might be suffering from an extremely rare neurological disorder in which everything and everyone is somehow “in it to win it,” including the Coffee Bean latte he drank after the show, the cup holder he placed it in, the colors yellow and green at every traffic light on his drive home, and the housekeeper who greeted him with a warm, “Hello, Mr. Randy!” when he finally arrived. Someone alert Oliver Sacks: I smell a best-seller in The Man Who Mistook His Cleaning Lady For An American Idol Contestant Who Is In It to Win It!

And now, the best and worst!


Scotty McCreery sang one of King's best-known songs, “You’ve Got a Friend,” and sang it so tenderly, so intimately, so McCreerily, that for those few minutes, I was completely convinced that I, Seth Abramovitch, did indeed have a friend in Scotty. So much so, in fact, that I spent the rest of the night trying to contact him because I need a lift to the airport next weekend. I got as far as a publicist for 19 Entertainment, who patiently explained that Scotty isn’t available, and to stop calling.

After some technical difficulties and a rushed, unsteady start, Haley Reinhart quickly settled into the rhythmically and melodically complex “Beautiful,” and, well, it was kind of beautiful? So it was a good song choice! Note to other singers: Don’t sing songs called “Terrible,” or “Pitchy.” It’s only asking for trouble.


Oy, Jacob Lusk, I think this is it, friend. It’s been a good run. Not that you didn’t infuse “Oh No, Not My Baby,” a song I’m not familiar with, with a lot of scoobydoobydoobydooba soul. It’s just that no one knows that song. I liked that you dressed like a character from an Archie comic, though.

Every week, I think, America has certainly had its fill of Casey Abrams’ ugly faces and college music program-caliber performances. But then he keeps coming back! So what do I know? But seriously, though, this one was chock so full of ugly faces, he has to be in the Bottom Three. Doesn’t he??


Bottom Three: Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart

Going home: Jacob Lusk

What'd you think of Wednesday night's performances?

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