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American Top Gear Revs Up

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... Hell hath frozen over. The long-percolating American adaptation of Top Gear will finally launch on The History Channel this fall. If you've ever seen the original—and spectacular—British version of the show, you know the US version has a lot to live up to. So much, in fact, that there's no possible way it'll be any good. Rescue Me's Adam Ferrara will host, with stunt driver Tanner Foust and racing expert Rutledge Wood rounding out the trio of guys with the luckiest job in the world. But will it be worth watching without Jeremy Clarkson? And will there be a new Stig? [THR]

... A "source" says that George Lopez's excitement over TBS signing Conan O'Brien was totally fake. The mole says Lopez was forced to be over-jubilant or else he'd get a pink slip, and that if Lopez Tonight gets canceled, Conan's contract stipulates that the redhead gets to develop Lopez Tonight's replacement. TBS says the source's claims are false. I say the source is Jay Leno. [NY Post]

... FX has a start date for the sixth season of Rescue Me and the series premiere of Louie, the new comedy starring the hilarious Louis C.K. The two will be paired up, and the new friendship kicks off on June 29, with Rescue Me getting the 10pm slot and Louie following at 11pm. What makes Louie worth watching? Well, in his standup act, Louis C.K. likes to talk about his kids' diarrhea. Works for me! [FX Press Release]

... Parenthood has been renewed for a second season, making it the first good decision NBC has made in centuries. [Variety]

... Ugly Betty's producers are being sued by a screenwriter who claims the show stole a bunch of her ideas. So she decided to wait until the show ended to sue, I guess. Great idea. [TMZ]

... Comedy Central has ordered seven additional episodes of Ugly Americans, the new animated show that's about as funny as these news briefs I write for every day. So, not that funny. [Comedy Central via Press Release]

... True Blood will roll out a series of six Webisodes starting in May. The shorts will be set between Seasons 2 and 3. I could tell you more, but why don't you just watch the following promo instead? You get better info, and I get to be lazier... everyone wins! [YouTube]

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