Amy Poehler to leave SNL

Viewers may have noticed Amy Poehler's burgeoning midsection (please don't say "baby bump") behind the Saturday Night Live podium as she channeled Hillary Clinton in this weekend's premiere. The comedienne plans to take full advantage of political skit fodder by sticking around through the November election, but will then head out on maternity leave. She won't be coming back.

Once the baby, which is her first, has been born and coddled through the early days of its life, Poehler will return to work--at her new NBC primetime series, a spin-off of The Office. While we are stoked for the new show, we can't help but be a little bummed at the prospect of a Poehler-free SNL. After all, she's the funniest person left in the cast.

Saturday's SNL premiere, in which guest star Tina Fey joined Poehler to skewer vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, was the show's most-watched season premiere since 2001. It also drew more viewers than any single SNL episode since December 17, 2002, when traveling jam band Phish and former Vice President Al Gore graced the stage.

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