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Amy Poehler's NBC show detailed

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Until today, we've know very little about the upcoming NBC sitcom starring Saturday Night Live's Amy Poehler. Producers have finally let television critics take a look at the pilot script, and if anyone predicted Poehler would play a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks & Recreation department, well, you've won a prize.

The script was included in a press kit handed out at the Television Critics Association press tour, currently underway in Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh Post Gazette critic Rob Owen shared the details. Poehler is set to play Leslie Knope, who works for the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, Indiana.

Human Giant's Aziz Ansari will play a rival government official, Rashida Jones (formerly of The Office) will play a local nurse, and Upright Citizens Brigade vet Aubrey Plaza will play Leslie's intern. Leslie will team up with Jones' character to try and lobby for a construction pit to be turned into a city park.

The comedy will be shot in the same "mockumentary" form as The Office, and according to Owen, has a very similar comedic style as the Dunder-Mifflin crew.

The show has everything going for it so far: great writers, an awesome cast, and a fantastic pedigree. If this works out, Greg Daniels (the man behind The Office and Poehler's new sitcom) could become the live-action Seth McFarlane.

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