An Average lawsuit

Alfred LaPonza, a building contractor who appeared on season two of the NBC reality show Average Joe, filed a suit in a Cleveland federal court claiming NBC stole his ideas and used them in later seasons of the show. He was joined in the $40 million suit by two other men, who also claim their ideas were stolen by NBC.

Average Joe follows a group of regular guys as its members compete for the affections of a beautiful lady. The three men filing the suit claim NBC used their suggestions for makeovers, tasks, and other activities that are currently being shown on season four of the show.

This is the second reality-show lawsuit to make the news, as just last week, a Chicago-area family sued the makers of Renovate My Family for allegedly destroying its house.

NBC had no comment on the Average Joe lawsuit but announced it was making a reality show about reality-show contestants suing television networks.

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Jan 21, 2007
Aug 01, 2006
How did that language get past the censors?