An impossible act ignoring Wilfred

Playing the owner of SBS's Wilfred, Cindy Waddingham has a hard time pretending not to hear him speak.

She is the girl in-between television's laziest, rudest, bong-smoking dog and her hapless boyfriend.

Cindy Waddingham plays Sarah, who is the owner of Wilfred, and is effectively the straight man of the SBS comedy series.

The show returns with a new series after being absent from our screens for nearly three years.

"It was a nervous wait for me, wondering if they were going to do it again," says Waddingham. "But I was very excited when they eventually did call and say 'Yep, we're on!'"

The cult comedy grew from a Tropfest film created by writer/performers Jason Gann and Adam Zwar. Waddingham won the role after she was spotted by Zwar and director Tony Rogers.

"I met Tony and Adam when I was doing a commercial with them, so that turned out OK," she says.

"Then I went and auditioned for Wilfred, but they had a lot of glamorous girls auditioning and I thought, 'There's these lookers, so they will probably go for them'. But they obviously wanted something different."

In Wilfred the dog talks only to Sarah's boyfriend Adam (Zwar) and not to her, leaving her with a most unusual job description as she tries to visualise only a four-legged friend and not a guy in a mangy dog suit.

"It's a little bit strange. Every so often you take a step back and think, 'I can't believe this is my job'. You come to work and there's a guy in a dog suit making a cup of tea off to the side.

"You try to ignore the fact that he is talking to Adam," she laughs.

"They get me into a little bit of trouble sometimes before a take, because they'll be doing a little comedy routine just before they say 'Action', and I'm about to piss myself laughing. They're good fun."

This series includes a number of guest stars including Kestie Morassi, Stephen Curry, Samuel Johnson, Josh Lawson, Dan Wyllie, Kym Gyngell, Ditch Davey and Alex Menglet.

The very humble Waddingham isn't yet sure whether she will be sitting down to watch the premiere with friends.

"I can't stand watching myself," she admits.

"I watched the first series and thought 'I can't believe they let me be a part of this'. But I really love watching the boys so I'll definitely check it out just for that and close my eyes when I'm on screen."

Wilfred airs 10pm Mondays on SBS ONE.

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