Ana Lucia safe on Lost

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J.J. Abrams, creator of the ABC castaway hit Lost, recently told Sci-Fi Wire that Michelle Rodriguez's character on the show, hair-trigger ex-cop Ana Lucia, will not be killed anytime soon. Rumors had begun to spread that Rodriguez was not long for the show due to her multiple run-ins with Hawaiian police--she was pulled over for speeding three times and she is to stand trial for a DUI in March.

While not naming Rodriguez specifically, Abrams seemed to allay questions to rest regarding her fate on the show when he said "There's a lot of stuff that has happened that's extracurricular, and it's in the news. It becomes fodder for speculation. While we don't want to report on the fate of any of the characters in the show, I would say without question that any reports that anything that's going on with any of the actors as being problematic or certainly resulting in changing the storyline to sort of, you know, get rid of them is just erroneous and silliness."

Lost tells the story of a group of plane crash survivors who land on a mysterious island with seemingly supernatural properties. After a flashback cameo in season one, Rodriguez joined the cast at the beginning of this season. Her character is a member of the "tailies," people who also survived the plane crash but were in the tail section and ended up on a different part of the island.

Rodriguez is not the only Lost actor who brings less-than-stellar driving skills to the island. Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), and Ian Somerhalder (Boone) were all cited for speeding; Harold Perrineau Jr. (Michael) was cited for having no car insurance during a traffic stop; and fellow "tailie" Cynthia Watros was fined $370 and had her license suspended for 90 days for a DUI.

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