And the Best TV Pilot of the Last 15 Years Is...

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We've come to the end, ladies and gentlemen. After four weeks and thousands of votes, you've helped crown the best pilot of the last 15 years. The results of the final round aren't especially surprising, but the deserving pilot came through victorious. 

You winner is... Lost, of course. Breaking Bad's cinderella run came to an end, and it wasn't even close. Lost tallied about 3,000 more votes than Breaking Bad, which means that Lost blew through this competition from start to finish. Counting all the rounds together, Lost defeated its opponents (AliasThe Walking DeadHow I Met Your Mother, and BrBa) by a total of about 15,000 votes. Of course, Breaking Bad was no slouch in toppling The SopranosThe Shield, and Pushing Daisies on its way to the championship. There's no doubt that Breaking Bad is a much better show than Lost, and BrBa was certainly aided in this competition by its currently airing final season, but as we've discussed repeatedly over the last month, this was all about the first episode and the first episode only. In that regard, Lost is better, and I would argue that it's much better. It deserved to win this competition, as it deserves to win most pilot-focused competitions. Thank you for doing the right thing. 

In the battle for third place, you crazy How I Met Your Mother fans came out big-time, helping the the CBS comedy stomp Pushing Daisies by about the same margin as Lost defeating Breaking BadHIMYM's run in this competition surprised me, particularly its victory over Arrested Development in the second round, but that's what happens in competitions like this. And to be fair, the HIMYM pilot is very, very good—especially for a comedy pilot. Is it better than Pushing Daisies' first episode? In my opinion no, but the shows are so different on a fundamental level that there's no real reason to get worked up about the results. It's third place. 

As we come to the end of the competition, I want to thank you for voting and commenting along the way. Your participation here makes it more likely that we'll do more competitions like this in the future. 

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