And the Most DVR'd Show Ever Is...

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... The most-DVR'd show ever is Hawaii Five-0, according to new stats. The pilot of the CBS reboot added 3.37 million viewers within a week of its premiere, beating the previous record of 3.16 million viewers for an October 2009 episode of The Mentalist. Obviously this record will continue to be broken every year as more DVRs penetrate the market. Hee hee, penetrate. [Washington Post]

... Cartoon-new-fi-electro-Brit-hop band The Gorillaz won't be heard on Glee anytime soon. Lead singer Damon Albarn, former frontman of Blur, said he wouldn't be interested in seeing his band's songs on Glee. This is the first time a band hasn't completely bent over for the show. [Associated Press]

... Chelsea Handler, who is NOT dating 50 Cent, will jump into scripted programming with a comedy that is set behind the scenes at her very real talk show, Chelsea Lately. The E! program will be in the style of The Larry Sanders Show. [Variety]

... Dreamworks' computer-animated How to Train Your Dragon will be turned into a weekly TV series by Cartoon Network. Look for the small-screen version to debut sometime in 2012, the same year the film sequel is released. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Nikita is switching gears. The show has been asked to tweak its tone so that it's a tad lighter and to jack up the romance factor, both in order to attract young, female viewers. Expect some handsome new characters to pop up out of nowhere, and maybe we'll even get a plucky little sidekick with a cool catchphrase like, "Well excuse me for living!" [EW]

... Michael Perrineau Jr., Lost's Michael, has been booked for a guest appearance on The Whole Truth. He'll play a psychic who works with the NYPD, provided the ratings-troubled show is still on the air. [EW]

... Three of the contestants for Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice have been announced, and they're loaded with star power! LaToya Jackson, Mark McGrath, and Star Jones will all join the show, playing the Don's game for charity. What a treat! [EW]

... The cost of the pilot for Fox's highly anticipated time-travel-, dinosaur-, and special-effects-filled Terra Nova might reach upwards of $20 million. Well, duh! It's cost $15 million just to teach the dinosaurs how to talk! [The Wrap]

... The Parents Television Council prides itself on protecting kids, and now it apparently wants to make sure old people don't have too many more kids. The group has made a list of shows that air ads for erectile dysfunction medication, so parents can steer their kids clear of commercials that show attractive older couples in bath tubs. Why does the PTC have a bone to pick with these ads? Why thrust this issue into the public eye? The PTC shouldn't be so hard on the commercials. Or firm. [The Live Feed]

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