Anderson and Lee will not reunite

Pamela Anderson has announced that, contrary to recent buzz, she and former husband Tommy Lee will not be giving their marriage a third chance at success.

The couple was spotted canoodling in Hawaii last month, sparking gossip of a romantic reunion, and Lee hinted that the stories were true. "Yes, I love Pamela," he stated when quizzed about their relationship. "That's my girl."

Anderson has now revealed that she and the Motley Crue drummer were simply executing a spotlight-stealing publicity stunt, timed perfectly for the August 16 premiere of Lee's new reality show, Tommy Lee Goes to College.When the Associated Press asked Anderson if the rumors were true, she replied, "Absolutely not, no. Just trying to get him a little press for his new show"--which, she admits, she has not even seen.

As to why she would bother going to such lengths for a man she once accused of domestic abuse, Anderson has one thing to say: "He's family."

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