Andre Rieu waltzes into Neighbours cameo

This will go down as one of those showbiz cameos that Neighbours has become famous for -- for better or worse. Dutch Waltz king Andre Rieu's much-hyped appearance on TEN's soapie is about to hit our screens. So is it a celebration of pop culture or is it just a crass idea?

It's probably both. After all, Neighbours knows when to let down its guard and have a sense of fun, right?

When the world famous violinist was in Australia recently he insisted on putting in an appearance. Neighbours has been a long-running soap in his home country of the Netherlands too.

And so a thinly staged scene in which Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) surprises Rebecca (Jane Hall) with a romantic stunt will see Rieu emerge from a stretch limousine smack bang in the middle of Ramsay Street.

Paul says he met the maestro on an overseas flight and they've "been friends ever since". But just wait until you hear Rieu fumble his way through the dialogue.

No surprises for guessing that Rieu then serenades the couple with a classical melody and before long half of Ramsay Street are dancing, literally, in the middle of the street.

Sources say Rieu was quite a gentleman when he filmed the scene, including mucking in with the catering while donning his trademark tuxedo. He was even said to be incredibly nervous, unusual for one who normally oversees much grander events.

He isn't the first superstar to make an appearance on the show. Last year the boys from Little Britain appeared in a scene. Others have included Emma Bunton, Michael Parkinson, Julian Clary, Sinitta, Clive James, Derek Nimmo, Shane Warne and Pet Shop Boys' Chris Lowe.

Neighbours also features a second hush-hush moment with the waltz king when it airs on Tuesday April 7th.

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