Anne Bancroft has died at 73

Oscar winner Anne Bancroft succumbed to cancer this Monday at Mount Sinai Hospital. She was best known for her turn as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate but maintained that her best role was that of Annie Sullivan, whom she played in both the stage and film versions of The Miracle Worker.

Anna Marisa Louise Italiano was born in New York on September 17, 1931. After launching her acting career, she used the name Anne Marno for some time before settling on the more "dignified" Anne Bancroft. While America will remember Bancroft for her famous parts in feature films, she was also an accomplished stage actor, starred in the TV show Freddie and Max, and made guest appearances on several other shows, including The Simpsons and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Bancroft won several acting awards during her long and prolific career, including honors from the American and British Academy Awards, the Cannes International Film Festival, the Golden Globes, and the National Board of Review.

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She will be much missed.
I so enjoyed her performance in the Turning Point with Shirley Maclaine.
AND one of her last movies, starring as a book collecting writer from NY, who corresponds with Anthony Hopkins as an English book seller.
She had such great range, Her husband Mel Brooks always commented on her wonderful sense of humor.
Sadness. While her stand out role was always the graduate I dug her late work, especially as the Havisham character in Great Expectations.

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