Another Jericho lifeline?

At the risk of causing a full-on riot, Jericho may not be dead after all.

The New York Times dug into the recently announced deal between DirecTV and NBC that saved Friday Night Lights, and discovered that this new tactic of partnering with cable providers may not be a one-time thing.

According to the paper, a pair of anonymous sources says CBS has had talks with Comcast about "finding new life for Jericho."

Presumably, those talks amount to negotiating a similar deal that kept Friday Night Lights from being canceled. Lights will return for a 13-episode season and will premiere on DirecTV in October, four months before it is re-aired on NBC in February after the Super Bowl.

Jericho, which follows a postapocalyptic Kansas town trying to survive after a nuclear attack on American soil, was canceled after its first season. Fans rallied, and CBS reversed its decision to axe it. However, after disappointing ratings, the show was once again canceled last month just before the shortened second season concluded.

Is the third time a charm? Does the show deserve another chance? Can it be saved by Comcast? Comment below...

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